Film Crew


Marcus Welsch

Marcus Welsch was born in 1969 in Singen am Hohentwiel. He studied philosophy and literature in Constance, Toronto and Berlin. Working since 1995 on various film productions e.g. as assistant cutter, director's assisstant with Wolfgang Becker, Jean-Jacques Arnaud and Roman Polanski. After various shorts, his first documentary was about Katharina Bullin, medal winner at the Moscow Olympics; a portrait of a woman who struggles against the damage done to her body by anabolic steroid experimentation. Various documentary films followed; journalistic work, mainly in the former Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe and most recently in the Ukraine. Currently researching for a project with Serhij Zhadan.


Oleksandr Techynskyi, Johannes Laidler, Tomasz Deblessem

Sound design:

Raimund von Scheibner


Colin Shamrock


Yuriy Gurzhy


Alastair Owen, edelbytes

Project manager:

Dr. Carmen Scheide

Project manager EVZ:

Martin Bock, Agnieszka Pustola

Unit production manager Kyiv:

Yulia Serdyukova

Translator, interviews Ukraine:

Dr. Kateryna Kobchenko, Dr. Oleksandra Gaidai

Translator, interviews Poland:

Ewa Chmielewska

Camera assistant Ukraine:

Boris Vyazovskiy


Juri Durkot, Cora Chalmers-Owen, Artur Kolasinski, Kaja Poprawska-Kunze, Sofiya Onufriv

Research Ukraine:

Dr. Tetiana Pastushenko, Prof. Gelinada Grinchenko, Dr. Vita Dmitrenko, Dasha Malling

Research Poland:

Monika Wąsik, Ewa Chmielewska, Isabel Panek (ITS Arolsen)

Adviser and research company history:

Jörg Schoof

Research photos Germany:

Michael Konstabel

Research photos Ukraine:

Yulia Serdyukova

Research photos Russia:

Dr. Carmen Scheide


Uwe Schemel

Poster Design:


Painting / Artwork:

Lovro Artuković

DVD authoring:

Christian Bäucker

Editor, Trailer:

Britta Kastern

The film has been made with the generous support of:

The Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) · Stadt Singen, Bundesprogramm „Demokratie Leben“ · The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth · Stadt Singen Kriminalprävention · Sparkassenstiftung Singen-Hegau · Messmer Stiftung Radolfzell · State Agency for Civic Education of Baden-Württemberg · LAGG · Lions Club Singen · Rotary Club Singen · Dr. Carmen Scheide · Förderverein Theresienkapelle Singen e.V. · Netzhammer Großhandels GmbH Singen

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