DVD & Blu-ray

Film chapters:

  1. In the private archive of Willi Waibel
  2. Resistance to reappraising the Nazi past
  3. The hanging in Watterdingen
  4. The Theresienkapelle and the motives for his work
  5. Nazi forced labourers in Singen
  6. Searching for clues in Singen companies
  7. In the company archives of the Georg Fischer AG
  8. Letters to Eastern Europe
  9. The reply from Poltava
  10. The first trip to Ukraine in 1991
  11. The first meeting with former forced labourers
  12. The deportations of the “Ostarbeiters”
  13. The allocation in Singen
  14. Female forced labourers talk about everyday labour in Germany
  15. The treatment of people in the Singen camps
  16. Seduction and disillusionment of young Germans in the Nazi-era
  17. Air raid on Singen, Christmas 1944
  18. The end of the war and the forced labourers returning home
  19. Repressions against former forced labourers in the Soviet Union
  20. At a nursing home
  21. The veterans of the Red Army
  22. Report of a Polish forced labourer
  23. The Nazi past of the Maggi company
  24. Visiting the Maggi plant with the Nestlé company archivist
  25. In Zurich - learning from history